EvoMouse: Any Flat Surface Is Now Your Multitouch Trackpad

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We've seen virtual keyboards before, but not many virtual trackpads, if any in the consumer space. EvoMouse is here to change that, bundling their input device in the cutest piece of plastic possible.


Essentially, you place the toy dog on the surface of your choosing, and its eyes beam out two infrared beams which track your finger movements. You can click, double-click, right click, drag, drop, pinch and swipe your way around a computer desktop. And if you're in need of a keyboard, EvoMouse will project one of those for you as well.

The device can connect via Bluetooth or USB, and works with Windows, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms. Pricing and availability details are still scarce, however. [PocketLint via Gizmag]

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I wrote them an email asking for a price quote. Nothing was printed in the response email to give me reason to think I cannot post it here, so here it is:

Hi Ezra,

Thank you for contacting Celluon. Retail version of evoMouse will be USB only, without keyboard function.

We have two new products coming out soon; the Magic Cube and evoMouse.

Magic Cube is a Bluetooth keyboard + mouse, and evoMouse is a standalone mouse.

Magic Cube is set to launch around May/June time frame with evoMouse going into production around July.

General pricing is as follows:

Magic Cube - $90 USD

evoMouse - $55 USD

I have attached our brochures for your reference. Most information is found here.

Thank you,