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Ex-Cop Builds His Own Johnny Five Robot From Hacked Appliances

Illustration for article titled Ex-Cop Builds His Own Johnny Five Robot From Hacked Appliances

How do you plan to spend your retirement? Traveling the world? Endless gardening? After two decades serving as a Baltimore police officer, Mark Haygood retired and now spends his free time turning old appliances like radios, DVD players, fans, and power tools into impressive humanoid robots.


Mark's first creation, HEX, is a four-foot tall self-standing robot that has taken four years to engineer and so far has fully functional hands, arms, and legs. It's even able to walk, and while not completely stable just yet, that's completely forgivable when you take into account that HEX is mostly assembled from hacked appliances and other re-purposed consumer electronics.

HEX's articulate hands, however, were created with the help of a 3D printer, and to date Mark estimates he's spent tens of thousands of dollars bringing his creation to life. It's an expensive hobby, no doubt, but when Mark eventually perfects HEX he'll have the perfect artificial care giver by his side as he moves into his senior years. That, or one hell of a contender when robot fighting gets more popular. [Inspyme via Damn Geeky]


Images by Mark Haygood

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Party on, dude who makes robots from the hardware store.