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Expedition Finds 300 Species in One Trip to the Philippines

Illustration for article titled Expedition Finds 300 Species in One Trip to the Philippines

For most of us, discovering a new species is a big deal. So it's always a little startling when you hear about some expedition rolling out of bed and stumbling into 300 undocumented species in one trip to the Philippines.


The California Academy of Sciences claims they found a "new species during nearly every dive and hike" during their expedition, which really sounds more like bragging than anything else. Even though the team documented their findings with some pretty gorgeous photos, the species will still have to be confirmed under microscope before the number is official. But considering scientists estimate 90 percent of the world's species are still undiscovered, the number isn't too hard to swallow.

We'd be lying if we didn't admit that "photos of a never before seen slug" are a lot more alluring than "pretty pictures of some slug we found," so fingers crossed that they come back positive. [CAS via IBTimes]

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