Expensive Newspaper iPad Apps Not Selling All That Well

Here's some more iPad news, fresh off the presses: Strangely, most consumers are not idiots, and will not pay exorbitant amounts of money to read newspaper iPad apps when they can find news cheaply and easily elsewhere.

Shocking! Tonight's forecast: Darkness!

PaidContent reports:

One big trend that's apparent: big media and entertainment companies are doing very well in top free apps, but are barely present in top paid apps, whether by number of apps downloaded, or by the gross revenues from their apps.


Obviously, it's still very early. Why, it seems like only yesterday that the iPad launched, and we don't want to dismiss these premium priced newspaper apps out of hand just yet.

Who knows, maybe weirdly priced $18 Wall Street Journal monthly app subscriptions are simply part of an elaborate slow cooker strategy with an ultimate goal that's beyond any of our understanding. Maybe. [PaidContent]


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Big shock.

People unwilling to pay $.25 to $.50 a day for a paper, sure aren't the people I'd expect to pay for an overpriced app.

I like the thoughts behind their pricing structures though.

"Hmmm....Let's see.....People are willing to pay $600 for a handheld device, so they obviously must be willing to over pay for their news!"

Outdated business models still wont work just because you move them to a digital platform.

The music industry didn't learn, the movie industry is struggling to learn, and now, the print media is refusing to learn.