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You never know when your brain might be fried by those harmful electromagnetic waves, swirling around us and ruining our lives, electron by electron. That's why you need this extra special Expertise 3P Screen Mist from Clarins. It'll protect you from all those electronic creepy crawlies, and the stuff makes you look younger, too. This from the company's breathless press materials:

An ultra-sheer screen mist containing a pioneering combination of plant extracts capable of protecting the skin from the accelerated-ageing effects of all indoor and outdoor air pollution but most significantly, the effects of Artificial Electromagnetic Waves.


It's hard to believe there are enough suckers in this world to buy into bullshit like this. Sadly, chumps will snap up this innocuous liquid by the caseload. Oh yeah, it's $40 for a 3.5 oz bottle. Let's just call it a stupid tax.

Spray On Magnetic Defense [Strange Harvest]

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