Extend Zune's Software For More Format Support

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With an easy mod to your Zune software, you can hack the suite so it will recognize all kinds of different video and audio formats. Why would you want to do this? Because even though you can pre-convert, say, DivX to WMV for your Zune, the suite re-converts them again for optimization before syncing.


With this, the Zune suite itself can take in these files and convert them once into a Zune-playable format. This saves you time, plus effort, since it can auto-scan a folder for new files to convert. Head over to Zuneboards to grab the download.

And don't forget, pink Zunes are almost here.

Zune Software Hack: Multi-Extension Support [Zuneboards]



On the Zune software, you don't necessarily have to double convert. If you actually look at the Tech Specs for the Zune it will tell you exactly what formats, etc. the Zune Software will recognize to convert to the Zune, and then what the Zune will actually play. If you just encode it directly to what the Zune will play, then you're good. I actually use Microsoft's Windows Media Encoder, and did it off a tutorial I found somewhere on the Microsoft Knowledge Base or the Zune site.

And don't just turn this in to a Zune bashing thread. Obviously the piece of news is intended for Zune owners, who either like, or at least have to live with their current Player. (I love my Zune btw).