Extended Battery Shoves 20% More Capacity Into the Palm Pre

In Jason's Palm Pre testing, he found that the battery could last the whole day. But what about those of us of us who want a whole day of use and then some?


A new Innocell extended battery from Seido tops off the 1,150mAh standard battery with 20% more capacity, putting it at 1,350mAh (or what has been calculated at anywhere from 7.25 to 9.5 hours of use). But Seido achieves this feat without changing the stock Pre battery's frame, meaning that the extra juice won't come at the cost of a bulkier phone.

The battery runs $45 and is available now. Live it up, Pre users. Such joyous days are a rarity and should be celebrated with all the vigor of a Hallmark holiday. [Seido via jkontherun via mypre via ubergizmo]

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