Extending Camper Vans Give the Modern Hippy Plenty Of Leg Room

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The iconic VW camper van paved the way for the modern motorhome, but they were barely big enough for a couple of hippies. So a UK company has created the Doubleback with an extending pod that can fit a whole commune.


Built on a modern Volkswagen T5 Transporter van, the Doubleback still features the soft pop-up roof tent that allows you to stand inside, but it's been further equipped for camping duties with an extending pod that adds an extra six and a half feet of living space inside. The interior of the pod is equipped with a large bed, but it can be folded down so the space can be also used for other activities.

I'm assuming that when it's all retracted there's still space for passengers to ride in the back. Otherwise it's kind of useless as a van. But even with a price tag of almost $87,000, it's still a far cry from those monstrous buses that North Americans prefer to hide from the great outdoors in. Now if only these were available for sale and use on this side of the pond. [Doubleback via Gizmag]



Interesting, they don't show the interior of the van with the stuff retracted. Bet it is like my room