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Eye-Fi Wireless SD Card Can Use Any Phone's 3G Connection to Upload Photos

Illustration for article titled Eye-Fi Wireless SD Card Can Use Any Phones 3G Connection to Upload Photos

Having an Eye-Fi wireless SD card in your camera is useful, but only if there's a wireless network to connect to. Soon, though, anyone with an Eye-Fi X2 will be able to upload photos through their phone's 3G connection.


Here's how it works: The Eye-Fi sets up a little ad-hoc network; the smartphone app connects to it; pictures are transfered to the smartphone; pictures are uploaded to anywhere and everywhere, via the phone's connection. It's pretty quick:

It's a simple concept that probably wasn't too difficult to pull off, but the effect is totally transformative. With this app, every photo you take with any Eye-Fi-equipped camera can be uploaded as long as your phone has an active data connection. Your DSLR is a cellphone camera, now.


The Android and iPhone apps are due later this year (Eye-Fi couldn't get more specific than that) and will be a free update.

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Pretty nice idea. Makes me even more excited for my upcoming DSLR purchase.

Now if they can use my phone's GPS to geotag photos as well, I'll be really happy!

Also, using my phone's screen as a remote viewfinder and trigger on the shutter would be hella-sweet!