FAA: Drone Registration Will Be Easy, Don't Pay Someone Else to Do It

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A lot of people initially freaked out when the FAA announced its plans to create a national drone registry. While we still don’t know exactly how The Man plans to crack down on UAVs, the agency is basically telling everyone to chill out.

In a blog post, the FAA is telling consumers to ‘think twice about ‘drone registration’ firms. Those firms are offering to handle any future drone registration for you, in exchange for a fee. Much like the people who will sell you a slice of the moon or a launch-day iPhone, it’s a scam preying on people’s fear of waiting in lines and regulations. The official advice reflects common sense:

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wants unmanned aircraft owners to know that there’s no need to work with a “drone registration” company to help them file an application for a registration number. Owners should wait until additional details about the forthcoming drone registration system are announced later this month before paying anyone to do the work for them.


Reading between the lines, it sounds increasingly likely that the simple drone registration system will be just that: little more than telling the federal government your name, address, and drone serial number. Not too complicated, and hopefully mild enough that drone owners won’t push for a new Right to Bear Quadrotors.


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Wish upon a Stig

To bad I don’t have a drone. I do have a quad copter. There is a big difference. Might just piss them off more.