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FAA Says You Must Not Pack Lithium Batteries in Your Hold Luggage

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

If you squirrel away batteries in hold luggage ready to power your kit through a trip, you may need to rethink: the Federal Aviation Administration is making a push to ensure you don’t.

CNBC reports that the FAA is warning that lithium batteries“present a risk of both igniting and fueling fires in aircraft cargo/baggage compartments.” That’s not revelatory information, but the Aviation Administration is now asking airlines to prohibit the carriage of lithium batteries in hold luggage, as well as reminding you at checkin-in and ticket purchase that you’re not to do so, too.


A few years ago, the FAA admitted that airplane cargo holds can get hot enough to cause lithium batteries to ignite. Only now, it seems, is it taking steps to try stamp out the issue.

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Image by Jaromir Chalabala/Shutterstock