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Facebook: "Android Sucks, It Doesn't Matter"

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

One of first apps I grab on a smartphone—or com, whatever—is Facebook. It's pretty excellent on the iPhone, BlackBerry and Palm (though most excellentest on the iPhone), so you'd expect it to show up pronto on Android where it would also be awesome. But apparently that's not going to happen—whether it's because of bad mojo between Google and Facebook or not—TechCrunch reports that "Facebook has dedicated exactly zero resources to creating a version of the service for Android, and has no plans to launch anything at all." That's a charitable way to put their feelings. Officially, the reason is that they expect third-party devs to pick up the slack—or you can use their mobile site—but that's not very promising. Facebook's iPhone app was built by them, and they had a heavy hand helping RIM make BlackBerry's. You know what happens when third parties go it alone? It's pretty gruesome. Behind the scenes, says Arrington, Facebookers called Android "vaporware" and say that "Android sucks, it doesn't matter." Man that's going to make a delicious crow pot pie. [TechCrunch]