Facebook is Armed With HTML5 and Gunning For Apple

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Facebook is secretly working on an HTML5-based version of its social network that will target iOS devices. Internally, it's called Project Spartan.

The project's goal is to undermine Apple's App Store with a web application that can infiltrate millions of iOS devices. Forget the buggy Facebook app, iPhone owners could use a mobile version of Facebook that is lean, mean and outside the reach of Apple's control.


Eighty outside developers are supposedly working on the project including those from companies like Zynga. Games and credits will be included so you can farm to your heart's content. And yes, it will supposedly land on Android, but the first target is iOS.

Here's something to think about if this rumor pans out. Adobe Flash is gone, Apple is gone and everything will be channeled through Facebook. Kinda scary, huh?[TechCrunch]