Facebook Page Administrators Arrested in Egypt Over Fears of Uprising

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As the fifth anniversary of Egypt’s 2011 uprising approaches, Egyptian officials have arrested the administrators of 47 Facebook pages that are run by members of the Muslim Brotherhood.


Many of the 2011 marches, which ultimately culminated in the large-scale revolt that brought Hosni Mubarak’s 30-year rule to an end, were planned using Facebook. Now, Reuters reports, Egyptian security forces are concerned that similar incidents may happen again. Speaking to Reuters, an Egyptian Interior Ministry spokesperson explained:

“The administrators of these pages were arrested on charges of inciting against state institutions and spreading the ideas of the Muslim Brotherhood as well as calling for marches on the coming January 25th.”


The Muslim Brotherhood was one of the driving forces behind the 2011 revolts, but was banned and deemed a terrorist organization in 2013. It’s unclear how many members were involved with the 47 Facebook pages.


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Don’t pretend like the muslim brotherhood is some benign organisation striving for more transparency and democracy just because their name is linked to the “arab spring” uprisings. They are a radical muslim organisation that has no qualms killing civilians and is the origin of the modern interpretation of “jihad”. While they don’t necessarily align themselves with ISIS, al quaeda, or any other islamic terrorist organisations, they certainly approve of their methods.

That’s not to say that the military dictatorship hasn’t done it’s fair share of atrocities, but the brotherhood is beyond despicable, they should have no place in any modern society.