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Earlier today, the Wall Street Journal published a rumor suggesting that Facebook would announce its new video ads this week. Now, Facebook has made the launch official—and here's how they look.


Facebook is rolling out the ads from this Thursday as a"test", starting with mini-trailers for the upcoming movie Divergent. They will play automatically on the page, both on web and mobile versions of the site, but mercifully they will be silent. Praise be. Here's what they'll look like:

Don't wanna watch these videos that are being forced into your life? Tough: you'll just have to swipe or scroll past. If you do click on one—what are you, crazy?—then you'll be subjected to full-screen video and sound. When the video finishes, two more will be offered up from the same marketer. Masochist.

While, yes, it is a test, it's something that Facebook has been working on for a while now, so you probably need to get used to the idea of them invading your feed. Just, for the love of God, don't click on them. Whatever you do. [Facebook]


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