Facebook Wants Your Phone Number

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As part of a new security initiative, Facebook wants your phone number. It claims that it will help you recover your account in the event of an emergency—but should you hand it over?

TechCrunch reports that the request will be rolled out to all desktop users within the next few days. The idea is that, in the event of a hack, a new password can be sent to users via SMS, avoiding the need for email and further possible security compromise.

Of course, skeptics are suggesting that it's just a ploy to cash in on a glut of recent security compromises and, in turn, grab millions of phone numbers to do with what they will. Maybe that's the case.


Should you hand your cell number over? Probably not, if you really care about keeping it locked down and available only to those you trust. But if you prize access to Facebook—and dread the idea of losing access some day—then maybe your personal details are fair game? [TechCrunch]

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Why wouldn't you already have your phone number in there? Facebook is only good for a few things. An online Rolodex is one of them. I have had several people get my phone number through FB and I have done the same. I guess if you don't like phone calls you shouldn't give it out. But that is a generational thing, I'm 35 and only like to have a text conversation for about 5 messages per side. Anything longer than that needs to be done via voice.