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Facebook's "Groups for Schools" Is a Walled Garden of Higher Education

Illustration for article titled Facebooks Groups for Schools Is a Walled Garden of Higher Education

Facebook unveiled its new "Groups for Schools" feature today which will allow American colleges to create Group pages accessible only within the school community. It will also feature a file-sharing service, though the second-coming of Napster, it's not.


Groups for Schools is open only to people with active school email addresses, which will help keep sorority pages relatively perv free. The file sharing service is designed "to make it even easier to share lecture notes, sports schedules, or class assignments," according to the announcement. Files will be limited to 25MB and will appear in the user's newsfeed. Executable files are reportedly disallowed and FB will reportedly be on the lookout for copyrighted material but it will be interesting to see how effective those efforts will be.

The service is currently in limited release but will continue rolling out to additional centers of higher learning and other large organizations in the coming months. [Facebook via Ars Technica]

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Is anyone else picking up the irony here?