Facebook relationship statuses completely revolutionized the art of "figuring out whether that person you want to bang is single." It made it as easy as a search. But some sneaky people leave that drop-down menu empty, or protect that info from non-friends. Fortunately, Facebook is testing a button that lets you harass them about it.

The button takes the form of a little box that says "Ask" right next to another user's Relationship Status bar in the About box on their homepage, so long as their Relationship Status is unset, or has privacy settings that keep you from seeing it. It seems like it's only in testing for now, but we've found that it's pretty widely available.


It's worth noting you can also ask people about their hometown, but that's not nearly as creepy or invasive as the Relationship Status option. Of course no one is forcing anyone to share secrets with any random yahoo who asks, but it was a little bit nicer when privacy settings felt like they meant a little more. But in the meantime, time to start pestering all your single friends. [Business Insider h/t Ben Dreyfuss]