Facebook's Shoving Deals in Your News Feed Now

Following the huge success of services like Groupon and LivingSocial, it was only a matter of time before Facebook got into the business of deals. The company first announced Facebook Offers last month and the service has has now started rolling out across the social network.


Here's how it works: When you like the page of a business—say, the local coffee shop—their offers will pop up in your news feed. Then when you see a tantalizing deal you can't possibly live without pop up in your Facebook feed, just click "Get Offer" and Facebook will send you an email with information about how to redeem the deal.

The system is pretty straightforward, and perhaps even useful, although, it's a little troubling that any business you like can essentially spam your feed with an advertisement whenever they feel like it. Not that anything's ever stopped them before, but that thumbs up you gave the business a year ago means something very different now than it did back then. [Facebook via The Verge]

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In my opinion, I don't think the deals should be referred to as "spam" (and/or complained about) if users specifically requested that their information be used by, and provided to, advertisers - as did all FB users.

I mean, should folks who decide that they want to move to Nome Alaska complain about the cold?