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FaceTime via Email Arrives in iOS 4.1 Beta 3

Illustration for article titled FaceTime via Email Arrives in iOS 4.1 Beta 3

iPhone 4 owners will soon be smiling more, with a new option to initiate FaceTime conversations via email unlocked in the latest iOS beta. This could allow video chatting with other FaceTime-compatible devices, such the perhaps-impending front camera iPod touch.


The tipoff is a new button in the Contacts app to begin a FaceTime chat through either a phone number or email address. This addition lends credence to rumored (and expected) iPod and iPad models sporting front-facing cameras. We'll have to wait and see, but the prospect of FaceTime roaming free is exciting. [MacRumors]


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I've had my phone for about a month, and have yet to use facetime, mostly because of availability.

This should help some.