Leaked iPod Touch Parts Reveal FaceTime Camera Plans

Images that MacRumors tipsters claim are the front LCD and bezel of the fourth-generation iPod Touch clearly show a front-sided hole just big enough for a front-facing FaceTime camera. And it looks relatively legit.

The part is labeled "Apple (c) 2010" (check the full res version), which granted could have been done by anyone! But would be an aggressive bit of forgery with not much point behind it. It's also stamped April 29, 2010, which is recent enough to plausibly be an iPod Touch released this September. Here's a reverse image:


It also makes sense, given that we already know Apple plans to bring FaceTime to other iOS4 devices using email addresses instead of phone numbers. So we already knew if; it's just that this may give us a much better sense of when. [MacRumors]

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