New iPhone and iPad Rumor Barrage

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iLounge claims that a "highly reliable source" has told them quite a few details about some new gadgets coming from Apple, including a new iPhone that will finally fix the antenna problem, which allegedly will be released in early 2011.


I was hoping for October, after Steve Jobs' insinuations at the latest press conference, but according to them, no dice. They say, however, that this is hard to believe (I want to believe it, however, because I want a new iPhone as soon as possible, and I'm not getting a faulty antenna one).

They also claim that new iPods are also coming as "early as this month or as late as September". This will include a new iPod touch, a new nano, and a 1.7-inch touchscreen version of the iPod shuffle. The iPod touch, they say, will have half an inch less screen than the current one. Why would Apple use a smaller display when they can enjoy the iPhone 3.5-inch Retina display's economies of scale is beyond me.

Their source says that a smaller iPad will be released, this one including a 7-inch display instead of the 9.7-inch one, which I find hard to believe too.


What I don't find hard to believe is their tip about Apple trying to reduce the cost of their bumpers, so they don't have to invest so much money in their free iPhone 4 bumpers giveaway. [iLounge]



i wonder if the new ipod touch will get the same form factor as the new iphone or if it will stick to the older form factor.