(Faked) Headless Photos Are Morbidly Fascinating

Last week, we asked you to take photos that simulated mundane headlessness. Only two of you were up for the challenge, but they've left our stomachs churning all the same.

Couch Potatoes

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This idea came to me pretty quickly as I have been having an ongoing struggle with my son (age 9) and his interest in video games. No need to go into that here, let's just say sometimes I'd prefer that he do something else. Other than watch TV. Anyway, I helped my kids with posing, trying to not over-arrange the blankets and pillows, tried to advise them on how to sit, and then begged them to be still. I took about five shots and was happy with this one. In Photoshop I went about the head removal. It was a tough decision- do I hollow out the shirts or just 'decapitate'? My daughter's exposed shoulder seemed problematic, and having their necks 'stumped' felt so much more dramatic and creepy. In Lightroom I played with colors, contrast, and lighting- pushed the blue, darkened the sides, lowered the saturation, added grain... Finally I added a little green glow to the controllers. Enjoy! Sony A65V, F8, 8 seconds, ISO 400.

- Julian De Puma


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I hadn't taken a self-portrait in a while, so I decided to be my own subject for this one. I think it's especially appropriate because I often tell my clients to "pretend I'm not here" when I'm taking their photos. Taken with my old Rebel xsi (because I'm holding my 7d), Sigma lens at 17mm, f/2.8, 1/200 sec., ISO100. Camera-mounted flash with wing-light diffuser. I added some extra shadows for the camera and shirt while photoshoppin'. Also removed the handles and such from my closet door, which is what I'm standing in front of.

- Angelico Tolentino

In retrospect, this was a really fun challenge, but we'd be lying if we said there wasn't a missed opportunity with a family ugly-sweater-no-headed portrait.

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So a Shooting Challenge became a Photoshop Challenge?

Here's a webcam photo I just took. No photoshop.