Famous Surrealist Art Amazingly Reimagined with Super Mario Bros

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René Magritte's art is famous for tickling your brain, making you question and helping you dissolve the line of what's real and what matters. You can recognize Magritte's work and influence anywhere but can you imagine it as Super Mario Bros? The artist Racoonda has re-created paintings from Magritte by putting them in the world of Super Mario Bros. It's wonderful.

Seeing the 8-bit paintings of Racoonda and the famous surrealist art of Magritte side-by-side is just fantastically fun. You can see Magritte's “Time Transfixed" and “Golconda" and “High Society" and many more pieces re-imagined with things like Mario, Yoshi eggs, Bullet Bill, Piranha plants and more. Racoonda writes on his website:

Somewhere in that lucid dream between the mushroom kingdom and subcon... a surreality of pipes, plants, airships, dinosaurs, talking fungi, combustible flowers and flying turtles.


I just love that description of Super Mario Bros. [Super Magritte via DesignTAXI]