FarmVille Groceries are Real, and Tastier Than Pixels

Illustration for article titled FarmVille Groceries are Real, and Tastier Than Pixels

Snapped by reader Owaeis, these FarmVille groceries are ready and waiting for your soft mouth to envelop them, in your nearest 7-Eleven. Just don't spend too many Farm Coins on them now. Those crops don't plow themselves. [Thanks, Orwaeis!]



Saw these just today and was deeply disturbed. They also had several FarmVille-brand beverages for sale as well as $10-25 reward cards for Mafia Wars, FarmVille, and YoVille.

While I appreciate the addictiveness of the above titles, frankly I do not see the cross-platform (non-facebook) appeal of such content, as none of them are particularly noteworthy other than the fact that they are free ways to kill (i.e. waste) time at work. 7-11 is attempting to capitalize on the phenomenon by transforming it into a cultural movement capable of prosperous product sponsorship much as they did with Domokun, but I can only hope for such efforts to be left largely unrewarded by the public.

...That said, I'm sure a free digital item is more than enough encouragement many need to choose a FarmVille-branded lunch meat over a competitor.