Fart Tanks Fight Methane, Give Al Gore Weird Ideas

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Being the world's largest beef producer with 55 million cows, Argentinian scientists tested claims about bovines being one of the worst polluters on the planet thanks to the methane they produce. To do this, they used big pink tanks on top of the cows, connected to their intestines with a tube inserted into their rear end (what scientist technically refer to as "That Cow's Ass").

The amount of gas they collected went from 8,000- to 1,000-litre emissions in a day, and the conclusions are clearly indicative on how dangerous farts can be, especially if your partner raises the bedsheets at the wrong time in the middle of the night (cue laughing track here). Knowing that methane traps 23 times more heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide, I won't be surprised if some activists start demanding fart tanks for everyone on the planet. [Daily Telegraph]

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I wasnt aware till now that cows had facial expressions, or that I could underdtand them, but #503 is saying something loud and clear with that look and its along the lines of "Get this contraption off my back and pull that thing outta my a$$."