The moment I read this was "feel-good fashion," I balked β€” I'm just not one for anything that sounds too Age of Aquarius, if you know what I'm saying. Then I looked into this further, and it does seem kinda cool: these are clothes that literally make you feel good, physically speaking. Clothes under the Re_Medi fashion label will be made from specially developed fabrics that release a controlled dose of natural herbal remedies (complementary/homeopathic medicine) and can be absorbed through the skin. This way you don't have to think of taking daily vitamins or anything like that β€” your clothes nourish you without you having to think about it. The idea is that you'll probably forget to take your meds, but you probably won't forget to wear some clothes (I guess this thing won't work for nudists then). Also, I have some doubts on whether this thing will work long term (ie. whether the nutrients will wash out after each washing). It's certainly an interesting idea nonetheless.

Developed by designer Diana Irani, this thing is still in project stage, so we don't know on anything final about the clothes just yet.

Diana Irani [NESTA Awards via Popgadget]