Fatal1ty Teams With Fusion-io For Lower-Priced 80GB ioXtreme PCI Express SSD

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Fatal1ty, ever the personal brand ambassador, has partnered with the folks at Fusion-io to launch an 80GB ioXtreme PCI Express SSD for the common man.

I say common man because, until now, Fusion-io was a company known for products priced out of middle and low income PC gamers' rigs.

This $895 card, however, is more modestly priced, compared to their other wares, and it's well known that aggressive X's on anything make those things faster.


The card was also designed with future software updates in mind, as Fusion-io touted upcoming features like boot and transparent data migration. For now though, just the X and some speedy transfer rates. [Fusion-io via Engadget]