FBI Begins Investigating AT&T iPad 3G Security Breach

Illustration for article titled FBI Begins Investigating AT&T iPad 3G Security Breach

The WSJ is reporting that the FBI has opened up an investigation into the AT&T security breach that revealed the ICC-IDs and email addresses of many iPad 3G owners.


According to an FBI spokesperson "the FBI opened the investigation today but it will not comment on what it is looking at" just yet:

The FBI is aware of these possible computer intrusions and has opened an investigation. It's very early in the investigation.

The intrusions were possible due to a little feature that was supposed to make AT&T customers' lives easier and do not appear to be cause for panic at this time. [WSJ]


I think my email was compromised by this. For the past several weeks I have been getting very odd spam mail, mostly about jobs and winning free tech stuff, and always from a semi normal looking sender.

The first odd email I received was on May 22nd, from a "E.—Jackson" the subject was "Immediate-.-.Placement" The others I have received have had weird punctuation like this first one.