FBI Expands Anonymous Hacker Arrests Nationwide (Updated: London Too!)

New York was just the start: the FBI's knocked (on? down?) doors in Florida, New Jersey, and California today, Fox News reports—part of what the FBI is describing as a wide assault on the nebulous collective.

"I can confirm that we're conducting law enforcement actions relating to a criminal investigation," said a rep for the feds. The raids have, so far, not netted any actual charges, but at the very least will serve as a shot across the hull of the LulzBoat, which has so far been sailing with mostly legal impunity. [Fox News]


Update: Fox News now reports that British police have arrested Tflow, a LulzSec bigwig, in South London.

Update 2: Threat Level reports that the original US raids were a response to Operation Payback, the Anonymous strike against financial institutions that blocked donations to WikiLeaks, as well as data theft from AT&T's servers.

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Please please someone do an update on the first one that strikes a deal with the DA to snitch on the rest of them to avoid a prison sentence.

I'm guessing the first one cracks as soon as they can get a judge to sign the plea bargain.