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Let's face it: the cellular service providers all suck. Which one has the most dropped calls? It's just a matter of which provider sucks less, and now we find out the United States government is helping these weasels. Thanks to the FCC, we'll never know for sure which cellphone provider tops the all-time suckage list.

That's because even though the FCC has been collecting information about cellular network outages since 2004, the federal agency is keeping that information secret, even after TV news network MSNBC filed a Freedom of Information Act request for the outage data.


Why wouldn't the FCC spill the beans? "National security risks," the chickenshit bureaucrats whined. Gee, thanks for looking out for us, Uncle Sam. Protect those moneygrubbing corporate predators, while the rest of us keep asking, "Can you hear me now?"

Why Cell Phone Outage Reports Are Secret [The Red Tape Chronicles, via The Consumerist]

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