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Here's a WiFi phone excavated straight from the bowels of the FCC's electronic filing system. It's a VOIP phone by Philips with a new twist — a VGA quality webcam on a 240-degree pivot for video calls. This will be useless.

Unless it works with AIM chat, or Skype Video, I'm not going to get excited about this. Wide open popular standards, please embrace them. And suppose you buy a pair for you and your lover on Valentines day, well, the 2.2-inch screen's 176 x 220 pixel count isn't going to do much justice to the higher res images. The 6500 has a TV out over the 6000.


Still, I admit this WiFi voip phone is still a neat concept. CONCEPT.

VP 6500 and VP 6000 [via Engadget]

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