Ferrari Home Gym Protected From Annoying Oxidants

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The Ferrari home gymnasium, titled 'Unica', is a muscle caviar—an onslaught to the senses and so elite you'll be out of pocket if you so much as glare in its direction. Constructed from nothing but the finest Italian materials, it will set you back a cool $20,290.

The ultra chic gymnasium is preloaded with 25 different exercises, all guided via the onboard Wellness Mate computer. A key card is supplied that may be inserted into both the Wellness Mate and your PC, to corroborate vital fitness progress.


In case you were wondering, yes, the frame is "subject to cataphoresis anti-corrosion treatment prior to being painted" - so you'll be okay submerging it in salt water for a few weeks. Now if you guys can convince Blam to let me into his mansion to try it out, maybe we can get a proper review going. [Product Page]



Unless you put this thing right on the waterline at the beach, corrosion isn't a worry.

I wonder, at 6', I'm usually to big for many all-in-one home machines like this. I'm guessing this 20,000 dollar tarted up Universal machine is no different.

I also don't like workout machines with blinking lights and computerization. The mirror will tell me if it's working or not.