Festival Ready: A Swiss Army App Tailored to Summertime Fun

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Summer approacheth, and with summer comes festivals—all sorts of festivals! Whether you're a music buff, renaissance enthusiast, or food and wine connoisseur there's a festival out there somewhere waiting for you. Now an actual Swiss Army knife is handy to have, but probably won't do you too much good at any of the above. A festival-specific Swiss Army app though? Just what ye olde doctor ordered.


What does it do?

Helps you take care of every problem you might come across at any sort of festival the summer season can throw at you. For friends prone to wandering, the app will help you track down lost friends, assuming they've left a pin for you to find. Or if you just so happen to be that friend, it'll also help you find your way back to a previously marked campsite. Group messaging, "sound flare" (for those times when you need an adult), up to the minute weather info, and packing checklists make sure that whatever the potential problem, you've already got a solution at hand.


Why do we like it?

Most festivals these days will often come with their own "helpful" festival guide in the form of an app, but these are usually overrun with annoying ads, glitchy, and often not much more than extra exposure for whatever your festival of choice might be hocking. The folks behind the Swiss Army Knife, though, obviously have a knack for design, and they've made this app with you in mind—not the entertainment. It's a far more pleasant experience, making sure your fun-having goes as seamlessly as possible.

Festival Ready, Download this app for: iOS and Android, Free

The Best: Beautiful navigation feature

The Worst: Your friends can only be found if they so choose


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I have a "festival phone" other call it "beater phone". It's essential if you don't wanna get your everyday shiny smartphone lost, damaged, or soaked in vomit...