Fight Breast Cancer with the 6GB Seagate Pink Pocket Hard Drive

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Get yourself a 6GB pocket drive from Seagate and fight breast cancer at the same time with this Pink Pocket Hard Drive, a portable hard drive with a retractable USB 2.0 interface. Buying this Seagate "Backing Up the Cure" drive sends 10% of its $99 price to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

The drive joins the Pioneer Inno XM radio receiver we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, also saving the tits with a contribution of around 10% its cost to that same foundation. Let's help the gals out and fight breast cancer with gadgets. Well worth $99 in our book. We dig this kind of stuff, because, after all, we are the tits.


Seagate Pink Pocket Hard Drive aids Cancer Institution []