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Finally, Dudes Can Wear An Awesome R2-D2 Swimsuit Too

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Black Milk's Star Wars-themed swimwear — their R2-D2 one-piece in particular — have been all the nerd rage for women for years now. But where have the men's swimsuits been? Someone has finally corrected this grave injustice with these new trunks!

The good news is that unlike the women's suit, which is $100, the men's version is only $22. The bad news is that it comes from Hot Topic, so you'll have to deal with the crushing sadness and indignity that goes along with entering a Hot Topic store to purchase them. But isn't that a small price to pay to be able to pretend your penis is R2-D2's extendable tool that allowed him to shut down the Death Star's trash compactor?


[Via Unreality]