Illustration for article titled Finally! Google Wallet Is Available to ATT and Verizon Nexus Owners

Well this is rather exciting. Verizon and AT&T both had, until now, cock-blocked Google Wallet functionality on the Galaxy Nexus phone. Blocking its installation while developing their own proprietary NFC payment service, code-named Iris. That program appears to have fizzled since the Google Wallet app is now available in the Android Marketplace right now.


You'll have to install from the website for the first phase of the release since phone-based app installs are reportedly returning incompatibility errors but as long as you have an unlocked GSM Nexus on AT&T or Verizon you should be good to go. Sorry T-Mobile users, you're out of luck for the time being but you can always hack it on to your phone until the official version comes through. [Brief Mobile]


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