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A few weeks ago we explained that while WD-40 is useful for everything from unsticking gum to cleaning tile, you shouldn't spray it anywhere near your bike. It causes dirt and dust to stick to your chain, turning it into a grody mess. Now the venerable brand will release a whole line of products formulated specifically to clean, protect, and preserve your bicycle.


In addition to wet and dry chain lube, WD-40 will also make a heavy duty degreaser for removing old, broken down lube from your drive train, a foam wash for safely lifting dirt from your bike, and a frame protectant that'll keep your ten speed corrosion free. Sure, all of these products already exists for bikes, but WD-40 says its in-house scientists worked with bike mechanics for over a year to concoct these new potions. We're pretty excited to see what the lubricant legend came up with when the new goos are available in November. [Pitch Engine via UrbanVelo]

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