Our extreme prejudice against unfeathered avian dinosaurs on screen is well-known, so imagine our delight that the first trailer of the new Dinosaur Island reveals a fantastically fluffy Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Just because they're feathery doesn't mean avian dinosaurs are cuddly friends. Their descendants can be downright terrifying, reminding us that once upon a time they terrorized the planet.

When congratulated on their scientifically-accurate feathered dinosaurs, Dinosaur Island's social media team explained:

Our Tyrannosaur is more about character (no our dinosaurs don't talk ;) ). Having worked with Jack Horner, Luis Chiappe and a range of palaeontologists on all sorts of documentaries and exhibits, one thing is irrefutable… none agrees with the other. It's an ever evolving science and new discoveries trump old theories almost weekly. Hopefully what we have created sparks the imagination and provides entertainment.

They also invite people to shower them with feathered-dinosaur fan-art, as they find the diversity of interpretations for these prehistoric creatures fascinating.


Check out the full trailer for more views of these feathery monsters and their scaly distant kin, or browse the concept art on their Facebook page:

The trailer does reveal a rather loose affiliation with evolutionary timelines — some of these species really shouldn't have been alive at the same time as each other. Still, considering the story also revolves around having humans and dinosaurs strolling around the landscape at the same time, I'm considering that an extension of the same time-bending concept.

I flat-out admit that I don't even care what the plot is: I'm going to be watching this movie solely for the joy of seeing fuzzy, scientifically-accurate-enough dinosaurs on screen. Any additional qualities such as interesting story, likeable characters, or thought-provoking situations will be a bonus feature.

Tip via Brian Switek, feathered-dinosaur lover and author of Laelaps. All images credit Extinct Productions. Dinosaur Island will be released as a mix of theatrical and video on demand/DVD releases. The North America premiere is in November in Santa Monica, California.