Finally, YouTube Will Let You Edit Your Videos Online

If you upload your videos to YouTube—or most video sharing sites for that matter—there isn't much you can do to improve them after the fact. Starting today, though, YouTube will finally provide basic tools to make your kitty videos suck less.


YouTube is rolling out the new feature in the form of a simple "Edit Video" button on your My Videos page. It's a little like if they just took their cloud-based editor and sucked it back into the site. All you have to do is select one of your videos, and it'll let you trim away excess footage, rotate, stabilize to get rid of shake, and changes the attributes to make things brighter, warmer, or more saturated. You can also add Instagram-style filters to make things look old-timey. And when you're done, the video won't lose views and its link won't change. All is right with the world. Thanks, guys.

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Unfortunately, the new tools can't be used on uploads that have more than 1,000 views or have a Content ID claim on them. In those cases, you'll have to re-upload (and, at that point, why?). But, while it's not the most robust of feature sets, it's a definite improvement as it lets you add a little something to your vids.


Wasn't there an article on Gizmodo like within a week ago that damned facebook's ease of adding "Instagram-style filters" to pictures? S/he argued that "now everyone will think they're a master shooper!" I hope these two articles are from different authors/editors, or that's awfully contradictory...

Sidenote: Listening to the background music in the headline video and Black Ice by John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess at the same time was awesome. I happened to be listening to it on Pandora at the time and didn't pause it.