One of the things that brings me joy in life is finding enthusiastic, friendly people working on interesting and unusual projects. Here's my short list of fantastic women who inspire me by doing cool things with science and sharing it all with us on Twitter.

Water-colour coelacanth for this weeks' Science Art Tweetstorm. Image credit: Ainsley S. (@americanbeetles)


This list is by no means exhaustive — it reflects my own interest in geoscience and astronomy with a healthy dose of disasters and an occasional taste of strange biology. For alternate views, I highly recommend this more extensive list of women in science, and you can't really go too wrong with this list of the women astronomer, astrophysicist, and physicist with high follower counts. But I'd love to be tipped off to new voices — please tell me about the women working with science who delight you!

It started innocently enough, but then grew into an hour of sharing the names of women doing cool science in public who inspire me with their work:


Disaster soul-mate @JyovianStorm handles all the squishy, soggy, windy disasters with enthusiasm and eloquence. Excellent speaker & panelist.

Forensic chemist @DrRubidium wins me over to the smelly side with her adventure and unrelenting snark. Brave enough to ID mystery buck-goo while the rest of the panelists quavered in fear.

Dawn scientist @PlanetaryKeri is unabashedly enthusiastic about planetary science, gleefully answering questions. Bonus Star Wars robots!


Geologist @KeepItRheol is universally helpful to a geoscientist-in-need, particularly those in need of a field photo. Bonus practice of science in academia with an honest look at life as a professor.

Find @janinekrippner when you just need someone to keep you on top of eruptions, volcano live cams, and the latest thermal images.


Science writer @sarahkeartes keeps me up-to-date on the latest in marine creatures from baby squid in disguise to manatee mating festivals.

Science-enthusiast @arielwaldman defies classification & produces a steady stream of amazing projects busting science out of its tidy boxes. From Science Hack Day to the human spaceflight report to her latest project on tracking space probes, I have no idea what she'll get up to next but it's bound to be fascinating.

Palaeontologist @ShamanSciences has taught me so much about life in small community museum. Bonus: fossil prep, fiction writing, ethics


SciArtist @minouette creates gorgeous linoprints on science and the history of science.

Astronomer @ashpags knits, is delightfully encouraging of others, & teaches astronomy in New York City bars with @astronomyontap. What's not to love?


Physicist @AstroKatie is a researcher, academic, and outreach rockstar with keen insight into the practice of science. She has over 20k followers on Twitter for good reason.

Science writer @maragrunbaum declared evolution was drunk, and has been proving it one example at a time ever since. Hilarious biology.

Ecologist @EvoEcoAmy will give you a window into working in academics, battling with R, writing, and balancing it all with parenthood.


Palaeontologist @Palaeorange just started sharing wry observations of bird skeletons. Bonus: Tips on celebrating the holidays like a palaeontologist.

Science writer @alexwitze reliably sorts out the real science from the PR buzz, and is fantastically supportive of newcomers. Bonus: Laki


Geophysicist @CPPGeophysics makes me jealous with field photos, and is near-instantaneous at updating historical earthquake maps & sections.

Sociologist and environmentalist @brigittegemme bridges theory and practice by making sustainability research sustainable with @LowImpactLab.

SciArtist @eawilloughby brings feathered dinosaurs to life with charisma. Plus, I want her raptor tea mug.


Biologist @DannaStaaf finds the downright weirdest stories of squishy, smelly, wriggly things on a regular basis.

Political Scientist @vmkitchen keeps me up to date on #CanPoli, security insanity, the science of war, and the practice of academia.


Glaciologist @AntarcticGlacie makes me insanely jealous every field season but is too friendly, articulate, and helpful for me to try stealing her job.

Physicist @fyfluiddynamics brings welcome technical detail to the undeniably awesome mechanics & aesthetics of fluids, even the obscure bits.


Science writer @JenLucPiquant is a born curator with a sharp eye for quality content, no matter where it's hiding.

Botanist @plantsandrocks likes rocks, and has an eye for finding gentle beauty in every-day places.

Radio astronomer @NoisyAstronomer is an enthusiastic, unabashed geek, and always a welcome partner at pop culture & science outreach panels.


Geologist @LenaRubensdoter will show you the hidden wonders of Norwegian field geology. Bonus: Bilingual Norweigian for immersive language lessons!

Field biologist @AnneWHilborn's hilariously realistic commentary on cheetahs is the best way to do cats on the internet. Bonus field tips! (Double-bonus: Impromptu hilarious photo-series like, "Animals Staring At Predators.")


Volcanologist @kaylai brings back excellent field photos from confronting the volcanoes. ...or from on-set of the fan-made Star Trek movie.

Astrophysicist @EllieInSpace is a busy lady, mixing science, research, @astrobites writing, practice of science, beer brewing and more!

Planetary scientist and science writer @elakdawalla is my go-to source for deciphering technical details of all our deep space missions.


Science writer and biologist @scicurious isn't afraid to embrace the salacious side of science. Weird biology, snark, and occasionally PG13.

Astronaut @AstroSamantha takes a photo to wish our planet goodnight every night she's been in orbit. Bonus: Bilingual for immersive Italian.


Geophysicist @volcanokathi is just starting out, using Twitter to share volcanology research and the practice of science from within the lab

Astronomer @PlanetDr makes me laugh, and is optimistic yet honest in the challenge of being a newly-fledged professor.

Meteorologist @JWagstaffe braves the soggiest of BC locations while working at the intersection of weather and communication.


Entomologist and SciArtist @americanbeetles makes bugs not just less icky but downright adorable. Bonus: Australian wildlife, baby axolotls. (Double-bonus: You can order a T-shirt version of her coelacanth here!)

Geochemist @alyssa_shiel gets down to the stark reality of the practice of science in academics with the numbers to back it up.

Paleobio team @fossilosophy remind me why I'm terrible at fossil ID in the best possible way.


Want more leads on finding women's voices? Check out the Valentina Project (@TVPyear) and @trowelblazers for profiles year-long. Like your science long-form? Check out this list of women geoscience bloggers.

Errata: While I still love biologist @sm_kachel's reports of prowling after snow leopards, whistling for wolves, and stalking camera traps, I was fooled by his name. My apologies!