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Find My iPhone Leads Cops to Robbery Suspects

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Find My iPhone to the rescue again! Pittsburgh Police nabbed three robbery suspects over the weekend, after the man they allegedly robbed used the MobileMe online service to point police to their location.

I'm relieved to see he called the cops and didn't take chances like the guys that personally tracked down a swiped iPhone back in June. That was an amazing tale, though.


The weekend robbery happened in (the apparently appropriately named) Shadyside. North Versailles police have three suspects in custody, and recovered a pellet gun amongst various stolen items.


So for $99 a year, Apple's MobileMe gets you Find My iPhone, email/calendar sync, photo gallery space, and iDisk online backup. But with so many free online services these days, it's really only the tracking/remote wipe feature that interests me (even though someone can just pop up out the SIM card or switch it off if they get into the phone itself). What about you? [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette via Boy Genius Report]