Find Some Hot Bricking Love at This Dating Site For Lego Lovers

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Internet dating site Plenty of Fish is making it easier than ever for star-crossed lovers of Lego to find each other. Just peruse their "Users Interested In legos" tag to learn more about these love-lorn Lego Romeos.

Take CrazyLegoMan for instance. He majored in biology and is looking for some sexy Christian Lego fan to maybe have kids with someday. His ideal woman would have a really weird sense of humor and enjoy pretending to be Amish (okay...). He's also into playing drums at church, enjoys Techno Christian music, and collecting Medieval weapons. Here's where CrazyLegoMan makes my heart swoon:

I'm really into LEGOS, but I realize that this isn't something that any woman is going to want to do with me. I'm just letting you know that it's my #1 hobby.


Here's where he loses me...LEGOS?! Is he for reals? It's LEGO! Ugh, well, now it's never going to work.

Or there's always good 'ole Tung. He's a "Kind Hearted Bad Boy For Lease With Option To Own." Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me? Tung is an occasional smoker with an "average body." He's a Cancer who speaks a bit of German. He prefers Macs to PCs and loves building structures with Lego. Turnoffs: Dishonesty and people with hidden agendas. Unfortunately, I don't think this is a love match. I have a thing for hidden agendas.

Check out more potential Lego loverboys here.

BONUS: There's also a user-forum exploring that age-old question, "Legos: Turn off or not"? Again, with the LEGOS! It's LEGO! No wonder you're all still single!

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When is Lego going to get around to making a female minifig torso with a pair of studs on the front?