Find Your Fortune With Thor's Metal-Detecting Mjölnir Hammer

There's apparently one aspect of Thor's uber-powerful Mjölnir hammer that wasn't touched on in the Thor movie or The Avengers: It works as some kind of ancient intergalactic metal detector. That's right. When he's not battling giant robots or his brother Loki, Thor can apparently be found wandering the beach, dragging his hammer through the sand looking for lost treasures. And so can you.


ThinkGeek's got this wonderful replica of Thor's Mjölnir hammer for just $25, which is a steal when you realize what it's capable of. It might be sized for kids, but in addition to flashing and glowing like it's imbued with ancient Norse powers, it's also a bonafide metal detector. Place it near a chunk of steel and the hammer will start to flash and play a sweet ancient melody. So while it probably can't be used to battle an incoming hoard of alien attackers, it can be used to hunt down any pocket change they happen to drop during their attack. [ThinkGeek]

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