Finns Set a Record by Flinging Phones at Their Crazy Competition

The Finnish might have a background in making phones, but they're also into throwing them. This year, at the 13th annual Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship, Finnish Ere Karjalainen set a new record by launching an old Nokia 332 feet.

While the Finns are hailing this throw as a new world record, Engadget found that a Brit, Chris Hughff, threw a 337 footer at a similar competition in Belgium earlier this year, making this new record Finland-only. Apparently there's a little (insane) contention about whether Hughff's record is actually official, but at the end of the day the important thing here is that Finns are getting together to try and throw Nokias as far as humanly possible every year. That's a national pastime I could get into. [Engadget]


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