First Bloatware-Loaded Windows 8 PCs Go On Sale Early (Updated)

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If you're champing at the bit to get hold of a Windows 8 computer, you can now buy an Acer or Gateway from—just be warned that it's loaded with crapware and likely a poor idea.


ZDNet has done some digging to discover that has started selling—and shipping—five Windows 8 devices ahead of the official OS launch. They appear to be pretty bog-standard devices in terms of hardware, albeit designed to be used with Windows 8—if only judging by the fact that the Windows key sports the new, fresher logo.

New and fresh, apparently, stop there though: the sleek new Windows user interface is, perhaps predictably, still spoiled by a stack of bloatware. Coming loaded with the like of Acer Recovery Management, CyberLink PowerDVD and Norton Internet Security Suite, these devices probably don't offer the streamlined Windows experience, or slinky hardware, you're hoping for. [ZDNET]


Update: Turns out the computers won't actually be shipping until the end of the month. They will, however, still be full of bloatware.

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And early adopters who tried Win8 generally preferred Win7 even without the bloatware. I'm one of them. It's just not finished.

I'm sure this will bring the rest of the 'Vista was AWESOME' boosters out of the woodwork, though.