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First Crop of Music Videos Filmed on iPhone 4 Sound In

Illustration for article titled First Crop of Music Videos Filmed on iPhone 4 Sound In

A couple of music videos have appeared online, both claiming to be the first-ever music video filmed with an iPhone 4. The Anix may've got in there first, on Monday, but Flakjakt's is a much better watch (and listen).


Of course, it's all subjective, and both are pleasingly polished videos, but there's no arguing with the YouTube date-of-upload. If only you'd been four days earlier, Flakjakt.

Both videos were shot on the iPhone 4, with Canadian Flakjakt's song written in two days, the video shot in 1.3 days, and all the editing done in another two days. Flakjackt doesn't say which editing equipment they used, but it was probably a very similar set-up to The Anix's, which was done with a MacBook Pro (with i7 processor); the song recorded using Logic 9. They apparently filmed the whole video "literally minutes after taking it out of the box," no doubt to get it up as quickly as possible to stake their claim on the iPhone 4 fame-wagon.


Don't forget to turn those dials up to "720p" on YouTube below. [The Anix and Flakjakt via CrunchGear and EverythingiCafe]

The Anix:


Rana Sobhany, the iPad DJ, filmed her quest for the perfect iPad boyfriend entirely on an iPhone 4:

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Not a a fan of the first video / song. The second one is done very nicely. None the less, impressive, being that this phone hasn't even been out very long.