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First Hands-On of the Cellphone-Sized Pico Projector, LED Version Coming

Illustration for article titled First Hands-On of the Cellphone-Sized Pico Projector, LED Version Coming

Giz buddy Sean Captain of Pop Science...Sorry, Séan... got a hands on of the Pico projector we saw at CES. From the photo, it looks surprisingly bright for a system meant to eventually be crammed into the gullet of a cellphone. The laser-based system is loud, but notes that we'll hear of the Pico in an official product before CES is through. (Don't forget, Motorola is already signed up.) He also notes that a LED-based system is coming that should run a lot cooler, and go for a lot less money, although I'd guess it won't be nearly as bright. Video:



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@Azteck: I don't think this thing will have the same range as the laser pointer you mentioned. Unless the person uses it 5 feet from the movie screen, then yeah that could be pretty annoying. Of course, standing in front of the screen is also annoying but at least I'll know who to throw the popcorn at.

Anyway, we're seeing so many "gimmicks" on cell phone nowadays yet we still haven't had anything new as far as battery technology. It's like that old joke about this guy at a train station with the coolest wrist watch in the world. A person comes up to him and asks him what his watch can do. He puts down his two suitcases and shows off the watch to the person and said that it's a personal communicator, a computer, a video player, a camera, and so on. It's one of a kind; nothing else in the world like it. The other person was so interested in it that he wanted to buy it off of him and asked him how much. "$20 dollars" "$20 bucks? That's it?!" He takes out his wallet and pulls out a 20 and makes the exchange. As the person walks away with the new watch, the guy yells at him "Hey wait!" Lifts up his suitcases "Don't you want the batteries?!"