First iPhone App with In-App Purchasing: $1 App, $10 Per Month

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Bad news: the first app to use in-app pricing in the App Store is a huge ripoff. Gokivo, is a $1 turn-by-turn directions app. Want to actually use it? That'll be $1/minute, $3/10 minutes or $10/month. Updated.

Even worse is that when it was first released, the description included no mention of these charges, tricking people into spending $1 on a worthless app. They've since updated it, fortunately, but the pricing remains.

Aren't you excited for more apps to start charging this way? Bring on the sleazy, crippled apps begging for more money!


Update: The developer wrote in to explain that the per minute pricing was accidentally left in after the QA process and should be removed in an imminent update. Here's their full explanation. [The Apple Blog]

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Hate to say it, but this is one place the Android Market REALLY REALLY outshines the App Store. Every purchase comes with a 24hr trial period (thus far, unless it gets changed in the future). At any point within 24hrs of purchasing the app, you can choose to uninstall it for an instant refund. Knowing I can get a instant refund, I have no fear of buying any app posted. I regularly install new apps, use them for an afternoon, and if it's just not something I think I'm going to use alot or enjoy, uninstall harm no foul.

This time, Android > Apple. See you next time, off to try some more paid apps!