First Look At the New USS Enterprise

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Entertainment Weekly's got an exclusive first picture of the new Enterprise, also known as the old Enterprise, also known as Kirk's Enterprise. It looks quite Enterprisey—a sort of mashup between the old sensibilities of TOS, the more advanced special effects of the USS Enterprise E (Picard's latest ship) and Scott Bakula's lousy junker. Looking at it again, those fat nacelles make it seem more like a cross between the Enterprise A and the Enterprise B. In any case, a high five to JJ Abrams and his effects crew for making a ship we're looking forward to seeing go "pew pew pew" next year. [EW]



Wow, I never thought something as iconic as the Enterprise would be so blatantly uglified. This thing is seriously hideous. They should have just used the original version, it's a pop culture symbol that was not in need of an upgrade in any way.